Program Overview

Join us at North Carolina A & T State University (NCAT) and develop your skills in engineering modeling and computational research, in a friendly environment !

This project will offer a ten-week summer program focused on computational models in engineering. Computer-based models or computational models are used to understand and analyze natural and engineered systems, and are indispensable in modern science and engineering.

Computational models are now widely-accepted, along with theory and experiment, as a crucial third mode of scientific research and engineering design.

The undergraduate research experience in this project provides the REU scholars with competitive skill sets valued by the computational research domain.

For the REU scholars who desire to pursue future research, this project will provide a skill set to work in a domain that is either similar to or different from their chosen target project for this REU.

A significant part of the skills acquired will be applicable to interdisciplinary research in academic, corporate, and federal laboratories.

Due to the broad applicability of computational modeling, the research experience gained, computing skills developed, and professional development provided during this research experience will prepare the students for a variety of paths to graduate education.

Students are encouraged to apply ASAP, but no later than Friday March 2, 2018.

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